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Dear visitors, an english translation of the rest of this website will be provided as soon as possible. For now, the following information in English is available:


  • You might want to have a look at the maps with the planned building projects and some pictures here (please scroll down).
  • See the visualization of one of the two building projects,  which is planned right next to the national heritage building „Glashaus“ (1914): La Colline – Auf der Höhe.
  • We can be reached via
  • Tell family and friends and inform them about our petition and website
  • Write readers’s letters and articles
  • Suggestions, ideas and constructive feedback are very welcome
  • We are very grateful for financial support for our work. The initiative committee works on a voluntary basis, but the support and advice of experts involves higher costs. We work in many different ways: we use legal means, we talk to the parties and authorities involved, we arrange for expert surveys, we inform the public by means of guided tours, website and newsletter etc. You will find the account details below. Payments to the Swiss bank account can be made in any currency.

Account details
IBAN: CH98 8080 8001 4379 0529 1

Initiative Natur- und Kulturraum Dornach-Arlesheim
Butzenstrasse 7
CH-8038 Zürich

A great thank you for your support!